It's easy to pay for your order online.

Pay with E-transfer

Gerber’s does not charge for e-transfer payments

To pay with Interac E-transfer:
1.  Log in to your online bank account.
2.  Send an e-transfer to for the amount of your order or deposit.
3.  In the comment field of your e-transfer, please note which order(s) you are paying for.

Please note:
–  Your payment will automatically deposit into our bank account. A security question is not required. 
–  Interac E-transfers do not always deposit instantly, and in some cases can take an hour or more to appear in our bank account. Please send your e-transfer in good time before arriving to pick up your order.
–  Our business name will appear as 1725156 Ontario Ltd.

Pay with Credit Card

2% charge for orders over $1,000 paid with credit card

To pay with Visa or MasterCard:
1.  Visit the Gerber’s payment portal by clicking here.
2.  Fill in your payment amount, as well as your contact name, store location, and credit card information.
3.  Click process payment to apply the payment to your credit card.

Please note:
–  The address you enter must match the information linked to your credit card or the transaction will decline.
– Due to credit card processing fees, Gerber’s only accepts credit card for orders under $1,000. If you are not able to pay with Interac E-transfer, cheque, or debit in store, a 2% credit card processing fee will be charged for the amount over $1,000.

If you have any questions or issues making your payment, please contact us.

We accept credit card, cheque, debit, and cash in our retail locations.