Custom Decoration Techniques

Embroidery is a high quality, classic technique sewn onto the garment using our state-ofthe-art machines. Thread colour can be matched to nearly any logos.
Digital Printing
Digital Printing is a full colour, high resolution technique that prints ink directly onto the material. Digital printing may not work well with some materials, such as polyester.
Laser Etching
Laser Etching is a modern, tone-on-tone technique that works best with technical fabrics such as polyester and fleece. This method has a long lasting durability and may not work well with all colours
and fabrics.
Screen Printing
Screen Printing is a high quality, durable process that is ideal for printing large quantities at a low
cost. Hundreds of printing colours are available.
UV Digital Print
UV digital Printing is a brand new, high resolution technique that is used for small quantities of promotional products. Ink is applied directly onto the product, where it is cured using a UV light.
Stretch Print
Stretch Print is a full colour technique available on most materials. The design is printed onto transferrable media, where it is applied onto the garment with heat. Stretch print is excellent for small details and lettering.
Pad Printing
Pad Printing is a one colour, durable technique that is ideal for large quantities of small promotional
products. Ink is pressed directly onto the product using a high density rubber transfer pad.
Reflective heatseal is a premium technique using high quality reflective materials for use on safety
wear as well as a high quality look on promotional apparel.